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The Franklin Manor Novellas

Franklin Manor
Drawings by Walle Conoly.

Volume 1. A Franklin Manor Christmas

When Volume 1, A Franklin Manor Christmas, was serialized online by North Country Public Radio, here's what some readers said.

"A totally shameless tearjerker, a gem of the Christmas genre" Dale Hobson, poet—The Water I Carry.

"This is very, very good. It would be a great Hallmark film." James Moore, co-author of Bush's Brain and The Architect. /p>

"I've just finished Part 2, and this is wonderful. I wish the installments came every day." Dorothy Federman, North Country physician

"Preachers will find a wealth of sermon material at Franklin Manor." Rev. Dr. Dean Foose, Princeton Theological Seminary (ret)

The Franklin Manor series of novellas follows erstwhile professor Butch Regent through a year of learning to cope with soul-threatening trials as he tries to renovate the down-at-the-heels former monastery/tuberculosis sanatorium in the Adirondacks where he lives. Through the good offices of beneficent spirits and resident angels, he learns—over and over—hope, trust, and love.

Each of the six novellas has a liturgical season as its setting and theme.

Volume 2. A Franklin Manor Epiphany

In Volume 2, A Franklin Manor Epiphany, Professor Regent is saved by learning how to see—in particular, an 85-year-old caretaker cat. Publication date for A Franklin Manor Epiphany is November, 2009.

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Four more volumes will appear annually. Spring (Easter) will feature a romance between two octogenarian characters from the first two stories. Summer (Ordinary Time) will have Fresh Air Fund kids come up from New York City, put on a play, find a secret room, and have a fine adventure. The final two volumes are set in autumn (All Souls/Halloween) and early winter (Advent).

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